While picking marriage shoes there are two contentions: “In the event that you can’t wear a planner shoe on the day of your wedding then when can you?” and “Don’t try burning through cash on shoes on the grounds that no one sees them anyway”. Where do you fit in this level headed discussion?

I hadn’t considered wedding shoes until I saw a modest picture of THE MOST astounding shoe in a magazine. It was a flawless stiletto shoe in splendid gold and sparkle that would look astonishing under a wedding dress or collaborated with thin pants (post-wedding day reward).

The shoe’s name is Greta and the originator is Jimmy Choo (presented previously). I had never claimed a fashioner shoe, nor had I considered it, however now it was a fascination. I couldn’t quit contemplating Greta and her sticker price: AUD$1,100(ish)…almost as much as my dress!

It tormented me for quite a long time. Around and around the contention went: “In the event that you can’t have a creator shoe…” versus “No one’s going to see your shoes!”. I couldn’t legitimize the cost, yet in the meantime I didn’t quit taking a gander at the site. A couple of months after the fact it came up at a bargain – Greta at half OFF!

That was currently a sticker price of $500(ish) dollars…almost legitimate. I got the telephone and called the closest store. Was my size in stock? Yes. Would I be able to come up with some false work rationalization? Yes. (I was debilitated – shoe wiped out). So off I went to attempt on the Choo.

The decision? Frightful. The lovely shoe made my feet look terrible! As a matter of fact, going for a major run first was presumably an awful thought (think bumpy feet with popping veins), in addition to with many years of that sort of running I don’t exactly have model feet. So at last it was…No Deal.

Presently I have defended it differently. I have spared myself at any rate $1,000 to spend on something else…! It’s interesting how rationale functions.

My contemplations have now swung to fun shoes that include an astonishment pop of shading or girly amusing to a wedding dress. Turquoise, pink, gold, polka spots…

What do you think? What did you Choo(se) for your wedding s

Jimmy Choo’s Made-to-Order Service


I jumped at the chance when Jimmy Choo asked me to create my perfect Choo using their Made-to-Order service.

Making my selection from one of their – Anouk, Lance, Xenia and Tite – signature ranges, I could then customise my shoe from a myriad of colourways, textures and finishes tailored to my personal style preferences.

You’ll not be surprised to see that I selected the celebrity favourite, the ‘Lang’ from the ‘Lance’ family in my favourite hue, blue.

For an extra personal touch, the next step was to monogram my shoe, so I chose my initials CJK.

Ten weeks later, I was excited to receive my shoes, just in time for spring sandal weather.

This service is being offered to us all, but this tradition of made-to-order shoes has grown from the occasional special request from a client for a special event, to the red carpet, where Jimmy Choo made to order shoes continue to have a steady presence.

Brides planning their wedding shoe wardrobe can incorporate something new into their look with this Made-to-Order service, with a range of fun monograms which can also include a love heart.